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SteadyTemp, the smart thermometer

SteadyTemp is a wearable clinical thermometer. It consists of a sensor patch and a mobile app. The app shows the current body temperature as well as temperature curves and trends. Elevated temperature or fever can thus be detected within seconds. Even overnight fever spikes are no longer missed.

Clinically proven patch

The patch is worn on the side of the chest under the arm. Here it measures your body temperature every 5 minutes to 0.1 degree accuracy and stores the values until the next readout.

Results and trends in the app

You can read the patch at any time via NFC. The app shows you the last value, but also trend, fever peaks, temperature average and temperature curve.


Fiebermessen war noch nie so leicht

1. Apply patch

The app shows you in a few steps how to apply and start the patch.

2. Continuous measurement

SteadyTemp continously measures your body temperature. All by itself, for up to 7 days.

3. Read out

After starting, you can read out the patch via NFC at any time. The readout takes only one second!

Für Familien und Profis

For families

"My child has 37 degrees - is that normal or already a fever?" - SteadyTemp shows changes in body temperature. So you can keep an eye on the health of your family individually. For example, what is already a slightly elevated temperature for you may still be quite normal for your child.

For the healthcare sector

Clinics and healthcare professionals use SteadyTemp as a diagnostic tool. The data can then be automatically transferred to the electronic health record. And the measurement accuracy of less than 0.1 degrees Celsius speaks for itself: it corresponds to the accuracy of a bladder catheter!

For companies

With SteadyTemp employees of organizations of any kind immediately recognize when they have an increased temperature. This allows them to quickly make the decision to stay home. As a result, the rest of the workforce is protected.

App requires iPhone 7 or higher
Android smartphone requires NFC