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STEADYTEMP will be soon available for use on the Roche cobas®pulse system. In addition to the benefits it offers in the health care sector and in post-surgery or post chemotherapy follow-up care, Steadytemp is also a valuable tool in the early detection of infection. One of the body’s first immune system responses to infection is a rise in temperature, the continuous temperature measurement possible with the SteadyTemp sensor patch enables medical professionals to accurately detect temperature changes within seconds.


Sporadic fever measurement is yesterday’s news

Early detection of fever

...means better patient care.
STEADYTEMP is a certified Class Im medical device which provides a quick, easy and effective way of accurately measuring temperature.

Smart temperature tracking

The smart temperature monitoring system, in the form of a dermatologically tested sensor patch and a supporting app, measures body temperature continuously and to an accuracy of within 0.1°C.

Immediate results

Temperature data recorded on the RFID chip in the patch is transferred via NFC to a phone or another NFC- capable reading device. Unlike Bluetooth NFC is passive and there is no exposure to radiation.

Economical solution with numerous advantages

App requires iPhone 7 or higher
Android smartphone requires NFC

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